Recognized Business Corporation with international experience; experts in innovation and development of bakery products, marketing and distribution. We offer integral solutions, within the scope of the milling and bakery industries.



It has its origins in 1985, the year in which Louis Fernandez created the Technoline Company in France , a consultancy specialising in the transfer of technology and the "savoir faire" of good French bread.





Qualified team with excellent preparation:

  • Master Bakers
  • Agronomists
  • Marketing and Communication Manager
  • Biologists
  • Diet and Nutrition Specialists


International experience

Presence and implementation in different countries:

  • Comprehensive vision of the market and its trends
  • Extensive knowledge regarding different techniques and products
  • Development of adapted processes



Search for and application of excellence

Professional ethics

Environmental and social commitment



We are members and collaborators of:

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